Manage Third-Party Remote Access in the Era of COVID-19

With the outbreak of COVID-19, hackers have increased the volume and sophistication of attacks, hoping to take advantage of the chaos and stress on corporate systems caused by the pandemic. The impacts of a successful breach have never been higher, given that the average cost of a third-party data breach has increased 12% over 5 years to $3.92M. When you consider many workforces have shifted to a work-from-home posture, practically overnight, the importance of secure remote access management, especially for third parties has never been greater. As companies try to quickly adapt to the unprecedented pandemic that requires regular work-from-home schedules for employees and remote access for third-parties to do maintenance or provide support, risks of a third party breach will surely increase. If these vendors are not properly identified, controlled and audited, the consequences could be dire for any organization.

Download our webinar, “How to properly manage third-party remote access in the era of COVID-19” where we discussed the current threats against companies and how your organization can be best equipped to handle any third-party risk.

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