Locking Down Vendor Privileged Access Within Your Network

The legal industry faces an array of unique professional challenges: improving efficiency, ensuring confidentiality, and maintaining client satisfaction. These challenges drive the use of new technology, which in turn changes the way law firms handle client information.

With 63% of data breaches being attributed to third-parties, this leads to the need for greater visibility and understanding of how third parties interact with sensitive data.

In this webinar Justin Strackany, Chief Customer Officer at SecureLink, and Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink, will discuss why vendor privileged access can open your organization up to unlimited risk and best practices for managing third-party vendor access in a secure and efficient way. Download this webinar to learn:

  • Lessons from recent third-party vendor-related data breaches
  • Why privileged access should be managed differently for vendors vs. employees
  • Tools and strategies to ensure third-party accountability without burdening overworked staff
  • Best practices for vendor access that allow you to identify who’s coming into your network, control access, and perform or respond to audits

Access the webinar

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