Protect Your Organization from Third-Party Risk

While Cybersecurity continues to be a significant area of concern, healthcare organizations are, now more than ever, relying on a higher number of third-party, mission-critical technologies (along with their support and maintenance). Because of this, hundreds of vendor technicians are logging into the systems of a typical healthcare organization each week. Many organizations treat these third-party vendors like internal employees when it comes to remote access, yet data breaches from third parties are on the rise.

Download this webinar, Justin Strackany, Chief Customer Officer at SecureLink and Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink will discuss how to align your organization with HIPAA and HITECH requirements and how to alleviate third-party vendor risk.

Watch to learn:

  • The current state of third-party risk
  • Lessons learned from recent third-party data breaches
  • Why vendors should not be treated the same as internal employees
  • Security and compliance best practices

Access the webinar

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