Protecting Government Organizations from Third-Party Breaches

The past year alone has revealed major vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure systems that resulted in immediate action to be taken by the White House. If there’s one lesson to be learned from the Colonial Pipeline attack and similar recent attacks such as the SolarWinds Breach, it’s that companies must do everything they can to protect their critical infrastructure, environments, and networks.

In this video, Russell Dowdell, SecureLink’s Director of Solutions Engineering, discusses how government organizations can take action and put the right protocols in place to protect specifically against third party breaches and provide actionable best practices using real life examples.

With 54% of organizations not monitoring the security and privacy practices of third parties that they share sensitive or confidential information with on an ongoing basis, Russell touches on why these organizations are so susceptible to attacks in the first place and the underlying issues when it comes to government entities using external vendors.

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