Reducing third-party risk of vendor privileged access

Nearly every organization works with third-party vendors for a wide range of services and support activities. But when you provide those vendors with access to your network to improve collaboration and communication, you’re also opening up your organization to a plethora of risks.

Since managing vendor access varies substantially from granting employee access, you need a purpose-built solution that preserves appropriate access while limiting:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Legal and governance risks

Ask yourself: Are your systems properly identifying, managing, and limiting the risks associated with third-party vendor access?

Whether your organization deals with just a few third-party vendors or has to juggle requests for network access from hundreds of third parties, you need to learn more about solutions that manage vendor privileged access. Download this webinar and you’ll get real-world insight into the in’s and out’s of managing third-party risk associated with vendor privileged access.

Watch the webinar

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