Third-party remote access strategies

Third-party remote access is widely accepted as a top challenge for both enterprise organizations and their vendors, yet often found difficult to address. This webinar explores a series of studies conducted by an independent research firm in order to better understand the unique challenges associated with third-party remote access as well as the top priorities from both the enterprise and vendor perspective. Over 400 security professionals in highly regulated industries were interviewed to provide a well-rounded view of third-party remote access.

Download this webinar to learn about the results of the study including:

  • The costs and risks associated with most third-party remote access strategies
  • The different approaches to managing third-party remote access and what works best
  • The importance of industry and customer compliance and common barriers
  • How to use SecureLink’s data to assess the priorities and challenges surrounding third-party remote access within your own organization

Bonus: When you download this webinar, you are eligible to receive a complimentary ROI analysis defining how SecureLink’s robust third-party remote access solution can drive tangible impacts for your organization.

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