Securing Third-Party Network Access

Enterprises need to grant access to the heart of their networks and systems to “trusted” third parties, such as support organizations, technology vendors, suppliers, contractors, etc. However, over half of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by third parties that led to the misuse of sensitive or confidential information.

This webinar will identify the security risks involved with granting network access to third parties and demonstrate how SecureLink facilitates secure, audited access and delivers compliance with security and operational standards.

This webinar is for resellers, vendors, and service providers located in the United Kingdom looking for established and innovative products which will enhance their security offering.

Download this webinar where we’ll explore:

  • The need for third-party access and the risks associated with VPNs, remote desktop sharing, and alternate remote access methods.
  • Internal directory services as third-party access tools.
  • Example breaches caused by poorly controlled third-party access.
  • How SecureLink controls third-party risk for enterprises.
  • How SecureLink enables technology vendors and service providers to offer peace of mind regarding their access to customer networks.
  • The benefits of becoming a SecureLink Partner.

Access the Webinar

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