Third-Party Risk Management: What It is and Why It matters

Third-Party Risk Management, or TPRM as it’s commonly known, has become a hot topic in recent years. This is, in part, because of the exponential rise in the number of third-party related breaches, new laws and regulations that require it, and finally, just dealing with the sheer volume of vendors who need access to your corporate resources.

Organizations of all sizes and industries should have a robust TPRM program that includes policies and procedures both upfront before vendors are hired, ongoing throughout the course of their contract, and especially at termination. The correct technologies must also be implemented in order to enforce and manage these new processes.

In this webinar, we will go over the need for TPRM, the basics of a good TPRM program, and specific best practices to implement it properly.

Download this webinar to learn more about:

  • The current state of third-party risks
  • Challenges around implementing a TPRM program
  • Best practices for TPRM

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