Threat Hunting: A Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy

Threat hunting is a technique for proactively looking for signs of a hack that is growing in popularity within enterprise security departments. Until recently, it was considered a high-end service that only few large organizations, far along in the cybersecurity maturity lifecycle, would undertake. However, with the massive SolarWinds supply chain attack on the US government, many organizations are now taking the “assume breach” stance and undertaking threat hunting exercises in order to find signs of past hacks and not be the next victim who finds out they are breached from the news headlines.

In this webinar, we will explain the concepts of threat hunting and how they can help your organization avoid having hackers “dwell” in your network for extended periods of time, gathering more data and credentials, and planting backdoors for return visits. We will also show how it can give your upper management, board, customers, and other stakeholders assurance that you haven’t suffered a breach in the past that your team is unaware of.

To learn more, download the webinar where we will discuss these topics including:

  • An overview of the principles of threat hunting
  • How the practice can help you find remnants of past successful attacks, and stop ongoing ones before they cause major damage
  • What types of organizations should consider threat hunting and how to do it

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