Why Organizations Are Failing at Third-Party Remote Access

Third-party remote access has been widely accepted as a top challenge for organizations, and it often can feel impossible to address with the number of breaches and malware attacks that stem from third parties plaguing news cycles.

We’re here to help you navigate the third-party remote access waters. In a recent survey, SecureLink commissioned a third-party research firm to interview over 1,000 IT and security decision-makers to better understand the unique challenges associated with third-party remote access. From this independent survey, most respondents felt confident in their third-party access methods, yet breaches from third parties continue to happen all the time. On top of the well-known security issues, respondents also noted that managing their vendor access methods takes an extensive amount of time and resources from both IT and security teams.

Download our webinar, “Why Most Organizations Are Failing at Securing Third-Party Remote Access” featuring Rob Palermo, VP of Product Management & Strategy at SecureLink, as he addresses:

  • The findings from the research, including the costs and risks associated with most third-party remote access strategies.
  • The most common vulnerabilities and weaknesses in current methods for third-party remote access.
  • The different approaches to managing third-party remote access, and what works best.

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