Providing complete visibility into all third party network activity

Do you know exactly what your third parties are doing in your network?

One important and unfortunately common component missing from an organization’s third-party remote access management strategy is visibility. Organizations have little-to-no visibility into what their third parties are doing in their network. Even with controls in place, they still don’t have methods or monitoring tools to see what third-party vendors are doing during their network sessions.

Should – or when – an incident occurs, organizations struggle to quickly solve the issue because they can’t determine what exactly happened. Consequently, they spend valuable time trying to find the source of the incident and solve the problem (the average organization spends 2,500 hours each year investigating incidents and/or reporting on third-party vendor access). On top of the time lost, a lack of visibility also hinders an organization from quickly and properly responding to a third-party incident. In fact, two-thirds of organizations don’t believe they are effective at responding to third-party data breaches. If they can’t immediately understand what happened and how, the response will be hampered.

The lack of visibility continues to be even more problematic should the worst happen – a data breach at your third party that exposes your organization. 64% of organizations don’t have confidence that third parties would notify them of a data breach involving their confidential information. So if a breach were to happen and an organization’s data was exposed, there would be no way to prove where the attack came from or how it happened. Without network visibility, organizations can’t hold third parties accountable and could end up facing the consequences of fines and reputational damage.

The SecureLink solution for complete visibility via audit

SecureLink’s solution provides organizations with complete visibility into their third party’s network activity. Every session is captured in a comprehensive and detailed audit log. All activity is tied to an individual, and session details are all captured, including detailed views caught by video recordings and keystroke logging. With SecureLink, should a security incident happen, organizations spend 70% less time on incident investigation, making responsiveness more efficient and more quickly resolved. Beyond those time savings, one of the biggest benefits of network visibility is peace of mind; SecureLink’s visibility and audit features hold third parties accountable and organizations have a way to ensure third parties are doing what they should be doing and not accessing what they shouldn’t. In the words of a SecureLink customer, “What is your peace of mind worth to you?”

Reduce third-party risk with audit controls


Network audits are essential for minimizing potential damage that comes from a third party’s remote access connection into an organization’s network. Once a third party has that access, you not only share a network, but you also share any posed risk that comes with granting a new entry point into your network. In this article, learn about the best practices for auditing third-party remote access and why now, more than ever, is the time to establish proper auditing procedures.

How SecureLink helps organizations gain visibility
into all network activity of their third parties

Audit logs Audit trail captures all third-party network activity with session information such as:

  • Who was connected
  • Session duration
  • Reason for access
  • Credentials utilized
  • Services accessed
  • Files transferred
  • Commands entered
  • Custom session information
Video recordings Capture HD video recordings of all activity for graphical protocols
Keystroke logs View logs of keystrokes entered in a session for text-based services, providing a granular view of commands entered and work performed in a session