The future of secure, friction-free digital identity

Imprivata has acquired SecureLink to deliver the only single-vendor platform to fully manage and secure all enterprise and third-party digital identities.

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Access Governance

Streamline processes to efficiently manage user access rights and enforce access policy.

Access Control

Control access rights with tools like Zero Trust Network Access and fine-grained access controls.

Access Monitoring

Observe session activity and analyze user behavior with streamlined monitoring and audit capabilities.

Cyberattacks and third-party threats are on the rise

Download this year's Ponemon Institute report, sponsored by SecureLink, and see what businesses are doing — or not doing — to secure critical assets and digital identities.

Industry leaders invest in critical access management

SecureLink: The Leader in Critical Access Management

  • Learn about SecureLink’s four critical access management products
  • Protect your systems and data from cyber threats like ransomware and data breaches
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements in your industry
  • Have confidence in your company’s cybersecurity strategy


Why Organizations Are Treading Water When It Comes To Cybersecurity

Register for our upcoming webinar series on August 25, 12 PM CT based on the 2022 Ponemon Report.

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