The Right Solution for Remote Support

SecureLink's remote support network is specifically designed to help technology companies support clients in secure, regulated industries.

Technology providers need fast, powerful remote access to resolve issues. Their customers demand security, audit and accountability.

SecureLink® bridges this gap.

We have streamlined the remote support process so that companies with a growing number of technology partners or clients can reduce risk, improve service, lower costs and ensure regulated compliance.


Keep Your Network Secure

Stop third-party professionals from accessing your network through insecure methods. Receive the support you require while maintaining security, accountability and regulatory compliance.


Get the Access You Need

Resolve issues FAST without the hassles that come with VPNs, key fobs and site-to-site networks.

  • Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate risks and liabilities caused by shared accounts and ad-hoc support methods
  • Improve technician efficiency and effectiveness with flexible, easy to use tools
  • Comply with customer's security and audit regulations

“By converting our customers to SecureLink’s remote support software, we were able to save our customers money on their connectivity costs, enhance the reliability of the connection, improve our response and resolution times, all while increasing the security and auditing capability of the customer’s systems. Not bad for 15 minutes work!”

Robert Bell
VP, Product Support Services - Eclipsys/Allscripts

SecureLink Benefits

Eliminate risk with premium SECURITY tools

Set your own remote access rules and be confident your company is protected.

  • Customized remote access restriction options for each partner
  • This remote login software provides an effective credential management system
  • Email connection notifications


ACCESS = Less Time to Resolution

SecureLink provides the connectivity and tools to get the job done.

  • Native, anytime access to any TCP-based service on any OS including RDP, SSH, databases
  • Unattended and attended desktop end-user support
  • Simple integration with existing CRM and remote access authentication systems
  • Built in tools for desktop sharing and file transfer


Growing companies need SCALABILITY

Expanding client lists require a flexible toolset. The SecureLink platform can grow with your business.

  • Scalable to thousands of technicians and tens of thousands of customers
  • Flexible deployment options - hardware, VM or hosted
  • Powerful automation including remote system health checks, log file gathering, queries and reporting against remote databases


Track everything with SecureLink’s High-Definition AUDIT

When it comes to remote access, control is not enough. With SecureLink remote support software you'll always know WHO accessed your network, WHEN they connected, and WHAT they did.

  • Ensure accountability and compliance with industry regulations
  • Track activity at the individual user level
  • Audit reports include complete visibility into machines and services accessed, commands entered, files transferred, database queries and videos of desktop sharing or RDP sessions

The right tool for the job

Not all remote access tools are meant for support - putting your company at risk when insecure or inadequate technology is in play.

SecureLink is the right tool for remote support.

We have been successful for over a decade because we are the only company that specializes in managing remote support between technology providers and their customers in secure, regulated industries.

Imagine if your remote support method was streamlined...

Imagine if you could see and control all activity on your network from one place...

Imagine if your customers received an audit after every session...

If you want convenience without chaos... try SecureLink remote support software, today!

"Our support teams love SecureLink. It enables powerful remote system access and decreased resolution times regardless of the remote network's configuration or the platform. All this leads to decreased costs and happier customers."

Kerry Armstrong
Chief Privacy, Risk and Compliance Officer, Picis (part of OptumInsight)